Riverwoods Banners

I was asked to create seasonal banners for the Shops at Riverwoods. The Fall and Holiday banners were done first and then the others were completed after a rebranding, hence the different logos. For fall and holiday I took inspiration from the banners featured in the best movies of all time and their corresponding Nordic and Celtic styles as well as Tolkien's own illustrations. During my research I discovered that Art Nouveau was partly a contemporary interpretation of older Celtic forms so it made perfect sense to use to reflect the newness of spring. Winter was inspired by the art and geometry of ancient Viking monuments and uses Old Norse runes taken from a Viking burial mound. Hence the spring banner starts with the most recent style and softest curves, and as the seasons progress the styles become older and the geometry more angular. 

Trees are an integral part of the landscaping and environment at the Shops, so I included trees in each of the banners.

Client: Shops at Riverwoods

Preliminary sketches

Color combination options